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Our service of installation consists of the disassembly of the machine, its loading and positioning in the vehicle or container, securing the machine (to avoid any possible movement or damage during transportation), unloading and unpacking.
Also included is the positioning of the machine, the assembly and the setting, using top of the range precision instruments.
Safety is our first priority.

Due to years and years of direct collaboration with the manufacturers and of experience in the field, we have become the leaders in the installation of the following machines:

LOTUS 102 / 72

LOTUS 102 / 72 – F

LOTUS 102 /72 SF

LOTUS 102 / 72 SF – F


COLIBRI 104 / 102 / 76 / 74 / 72 / JUNIOR

AEK 76/102

ATS 76/102

EK 76/102

EK-TL 76/102

KC 76/102

KM 76/102

MLK 76/102

MFK 76/102

WD 102 / 72

WD 2 102


DRY 40 / 50 / 70 / 80 / 100

SF 102


AQUA 110 / 120

MODULO DRY 102 / 120 / JPN

SF 120

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The machines, during their lifetime, experience many minor failures and malfunctioning which during the passing of time are difficult to locate and can interfere not only with the velocity of the machines, but above all the quality of the final product.

Our service of start-up offers testing of the machine, on our behalf, to individually isolate and correct all these minor and inconvenient faults.


Our training course offers a complete guide to the use and maintenance of the machine.

Our policy of training is to teach the operators the dynamics and function of the machine, with the objective of them being autonomously able to handle and resolve whatever minor problems may arise during the production process.


The accumulation of all these objectives above leads us to our service of production.

Our ultimate objective is to obtain the maximum production based on the topology of each task, without compromising the quality.

Our service of production focuses on reducing “downtime” during the product changeover, resolving minor faults  and motivating the machine operators.


Besides being specialists in installations we also offer technical assistance worldwide and a rapid response time.

Or mission is to get the machine in production as soon as possible by keeping the maintenance and repair time to a minimum and ensuring the outcome is lasting.
As stated above we provide technical assistance for the following brands:

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